The current Owners Corporation Committee consists of eight owners, elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), most of whom reside at 166 Wellington Parade. The Committee meets regularly to discuss and deliberate on issues relating to the property – eg. lifts, lobby, parking areas, stairs, walk ways etc – such as:

  • Deciding how to improve and maintain the common property to drive value for owners and investors.
  • Ensuring ongoing management, maintenance and cleanliness of common property to ensure the safety and enjoyment by all residents.
  • Managing finances including fees, tax, insurance, maintenance funds, and keeping financial records.
  • Any legal issues that may impact.

The AGM is usually held in October, where the Committee will present financial reports and address any other issues or queries.

For any matters that cannot be addressed by the Building Manager, that you as an owner would like to raise to the Committee, please email the VBCS Owners Corporation Manager, David Moss: